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Tanko Ahmed

Tanko Ahmed Family Law Attorneys

A holistic approach to family law.

Tanko Ahmed law firm created in March, 2013 with the goal of providing our clients with strong support to deal with what comes next. With a combined twenty years of experience, we have learned that family law matters always involve both an emotional and legal process. We want our clients to feel empowered to face these challenges and address the things they value most. Having seen the negative effects of cookie cutter divorce agreements and one-size-fits-all litigation, we provides a customized approach tailored to the specific needs, goals and interests of the individuals we serve and in every case, we apply our experience and expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Family law is our focus. It’s all we do.

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Frances Ross Nolan

FrancesTomiwa ,

Frances was inspired to become a lawyer by the struggles of his parents and numerous friends for whom the divorce process was especially challenging. Having studied psychology and social science in college, divorce law provided the perfect marriage of his educational experiences with the opportunity to make a personal difference in the lives of others. Emboldened by the belief that not all clients want a court-driven divorce process, Frances was a moving force in bringing Collaborative Divorce to act.

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Leigh Reynolds Byers

Ajibola Johnson

Johnson grew up in a family of judges and litigators. Although the law was in his DNA, he sought a way to marry his concern for the welfare of families with his inborn legal acumen. Today he uses his experience and creativity to thoughtfully guide his clients through the legal process. With an understanding that clients facing family disputes often have their entire lives and fortunes at stake, Johnson navigates family law with the utmost capability and compassion.

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Who We Are

We are counselors at law, communications experts, and sophisticated problem solvers.

We provide our clients with honest evaluation and advice to help normalize their experience, support and guidance to create the best plan to address their legal issue, while taking into account their resources, goals and concerns. We also want to assist our clients in finding a vision for their future and to provide them with ongoing resources and support.